We were with another teacher previously who wasn’t primarily a piano player. Though, my child was making steady progress, I could not hear some of the musical detail and nuances that you would normally hear from a piano player. It was interesting to see how much more progress my child made when practical tips about playing piano were being shown to her by Jolene. My child is now more aware of these things and I can already hear some of them in her playing. I think Jolene is better equipped to tackle these issues specific to piano given her experience.

My two daughters (8 and 9 years old) have recently started learning piano with Jolene. We find her approach to teaching to be fresh, exciting, positive and rewarding. My daughters have a renewed love of the piano. We are very happy 😊.

Our daughter Amber has been a student of Jolene’s for a some time now and we have seen her confidence and skill developing very nicely. Jolene makes the lessons fun and monitors her students development extremely well. We are very grateful as parents that Jolene was able to find a time slot for our daughter to have her weekly lesson.

Well organised teacher. Makes the lessons fun and age appropriate.

My son has been learning piano with Jolene for the last 8 months and has made wonderful progress during that time. Jolene’s lessons provide the structure of goals in working towards AMEB examinations, but students can also work on pieces that move and /or excite them. My son finds Jolene’s lessons to be fun and enjoyable. Her suggestions for mastering the technical aspects of pieces are very useful.  Jolene’s excitement regarding musicianship theory is catching and my son is also happy to learn those aspects.