Past Newsletters

June 2018 Newsletter

AMEB Examination Results

Four students sat their AMEB piano exams earlier this term and did very well

  • Nicole Muema, Grade One Piano, Credit (B+)
  • Josephine Muema, Preliminary Piano, Honours (A)
  • Pola Romanowska, Grade One Piano, Credit (B)
  • Susanna Romanowska, Preliminary Piano, Honours (A)

Student Recitals

A total of 27 students performed in two recitals on the afternoon of the 10th of June at my South Penrith teaching studio.  It was a wonderful display of the talent and hard work of my students.  For a number of them it was the first time they had ever performed, so it was a huge achievement!!!  Photos of all participants are below.  



Holiday Lessons

I will be continuing to teach for those who wish to continue their lessons over the holidays.  I would especially encourage all those students who are preparing for their AMEB examinations to continue with lessons during this period.  Please contact me to arrange lessons.

Dates For Your Diary

Saturday 3rd November  Mock Examinations for Exam Students

AMEB examiner, Anthony van den Broek has been booked to come to my studio and give mock examinations for all students sitting exams at the end of the year.  This was very valuable to the students who participated last year.  Please save this date in your diaries as participation in this is highly recommended.

Weekend of 10/11 November  End of year recital.  Exact date yet to be confirmed 

10th November – 1st December   AMEB examination period for Penrith



End of Year Newsletter – 2017


Dear All,

Thanks for the privilege of teaching your children piano over the past year.  We’ve had a fantastic year of music making.


Student Recital

On Saturday the 18th of November, I held two student concerts at my South Penrith studio.  A total of 26 students performed in all.  For most of these, it was the first time they had ever performed in front of an audience.  I was so very impressed with how everyone played!  After the success of these recitals, I have decided to make these a regular event each year at the end of terms 2 and 4.  I’m looking forward to the next one.


AMEB Examinations

A number of students have been sitting their AMEB piano and theory examinations recently.  Each student can be commended for the effort they have spent preparing for these examinations.  I am very pleased with everyone’s results:

  • Ela Quiogue              Grade One Theory of Music               A
  • Selina Vedat              Grade One Theory of Music               A+
  • Stephanie Nohra      Preliminary Piano for Leisure          C+
  • Anne Joseph             Preliminary Piano                                A
  • Pola Romanowska   Preliminary Piano                                A
  • Mitha Panikkar        Grade 1 Piano for Leisure                   A
  • Ela Quiogue               Grade 1 Piano                                        A+
  • Tania Abacum          Grade 2 Piano for Leisure                   B
  • Malini Perera            Grade 2 Piano                                        A
  • Chiara Penna            Grade 2 Piano                                        B+
  • Selina Vedat               Grade 3 Piano                                       B
  • John McDonald        Grade 6 Piano                                       C+


Mock Examinations

On the 11th of November, I held mock examinations for all my exam students.  Anthony van den Broek, an examiner with the AMEB gave all students a mock examination and then worked with them on aspects they could improve.  This was such a valuable opportunity, both for the students to get feedback on the work from an examiner, and also to have a practice run before the actual examination.


Masterclasses and Lessons with Teachers of the Golandsky Institute

I am currently undergoing further study in order to better teach technique to my students.  I am very interested in the Taubman approach to piano technique and really believe in the benefits this gives pianists.  It has made a huge difference to both my playing and teaching.  The preeminent organisation that teaches this is the US based Golandsky Institute.

A number of my students have been fortunate to have studied with three different teachers of the Golandsky Institute, Anthony van den Broek (Sydney), Therese Milanovic (Brisbane), and John Bloomfield (New York, USA).  Anthony has conducted lessons from my South Penrith studio, while Therese and John taught via Skype.

It has been such an honour to have these highly competent teachers (who I consider to be some of the best in the world) teach my students.

I will continue to have students work with Anthony, Therese, and John next year.  Their expertise is very valuable to my students, and also forms part of my ongoing training in the Taubman approach.